POC: Power of Color


P.O.C.: Power of Color, a photography project featuring People of Color in the community of Hardwick and neighboring towns. This photo project was led by two Stand Up students, Zymora Davinchi and Audrey Grant. The slideshow of the photos is going to be presented at Stand Up’s ‘Raise Your Voice’ event.

Here’s Zymora’s description of the project:

We wanted to create a visual representation that reflects EVERYONE in our communities. For too long people of color have been excluded from every definition and image of this country. Strict beauty standards have always been a great mechanism of white supremacy, and have always served as propaganda for white elitist to only feature and represent eurocentric beauty ideals as the height of all beauty. Also, especially in Vermont we lack diversity, and a lot of the time, the people of color that do live here are not mentioned or thought of when we think of Vermont. Therefore, this is our chance to have the spotlight and to be given the opportunity to represent ourselves, while redefining the laws of beauty. Eurocentric beauty will no longer be the only beauty exhibited or worshipped. We are here, too. We are beautiful, too!

¬†This project features the club’s leader, Rachel Wilson.
The project altogether features 11 People of Color, 7 of them students at Hazen Union.